NarraText  Story Map
The NarraText Story Map elaborates the "Story" details of the NarraText Narrative Map describing the "sub-parts" of the narrative parts.

        Story (WHAT is told) (Content)
                        Characters (changed by plot-significant events)
                        Props/actors (facilitate/constrain characters & actors)
                        Setting Story Context - playing field . time period . culture . attitudes       
                        Actions -  Agentive (Actor is thematic Agent, Experiencier, Benefactor, Possessor,etc.) (Active Voice Subject)
                        Happenings - Agentless (Actor is thematic Patient, Recipient, Beneficiary, etc.) (Active Voice Object)
                        Conditions (physical state or circumstance)
                        Dispositions (attitudes, mental states, emotions)
                        Traits ("Permanent" properties, characteristics, identities
                Goals/Purposes (infinitive phrases)
                Activities - Nominalized Events and States (Gerund Phases)               

        Discourse (How it is Told) (Expression)

Adapted from: Seymour Chatman, "Story and Discourse - Narrative structure in Fiction and Film", Cornell University Press, Ithaca and London, 1978