NarraText  Generic/Global Taxonomy
The NarraText Generic/Global Taxonomy is designed to provide a near-comprehensive generic taxonomy that can be applied to the lexicon of any domain.
The taxonomy includes (1)  interrogative categories: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, and WHY;  (2) relational categories based on syntax: VERB, PREPOSITION,  and CONJUNCTION;  (3) property categories: ADJECTIVALS and ADVERBIALS; and (4) identifier categories: SSN, PHONE-NUMBER, etc.

(c) 2015,  NarraText,LLC

  1. Each category in the taxonomy has been assigned a unique 2-letter category tag, which can be used to build a global-semantic vector for unstructured data sequences.  For instance, "the dog swallowed the peach" -->  !td, %TA,%VA, !td, %TV.
  2. Each lexeme defined in the NarraText  Core LeXicons, Domain LeXicons,  User LeXicons, or  Question/query LeXicons is assigned a defacto Global Semantic Tag  to facilitate a high-level, unsupervised creation of a semantic vector for any text sequence.
NarraText Generic/Global Semantic Taxonomy (semantic primatives)
        SSN IS
    Property (Adjective/Adverb)
        Abstract Property PB
        Animate Property PA
        Ethical/Moral Property PE
        Locational Property PL
        Material Property PM
        Person Property PP
        Qualifying Property PY
        Quantifying Property PQ
        Temporal Property PT
        Unspecified Property PU
        Vegetable Property PV
    Relation (Conjunction)
        Unspecified Conjunction JU
        Cause-Effect Relation JC
        Directional Relation (spatial/temporal) JD
    Relation (Preposition) 
            Preposition of Comparison SC       
            Preposition of Means SW       
            Preposition of Membership SG       
            Preposition of Place SR       
            Preposition of Time SN       
            Preposition of Movement SM
        Possessive Relation SS
        Preposition of Direction SD
        Unspecified Preposition SU
    Relation (Verb)
        Animate Verb VA
        Linking Verb VC
        Locational Verb VL
        Material Verb VM
        Person Verb VP
        Temporal Verb VT
        Unspecified Verb VU
        Vegetable Verb VV
    What (Noun)
        Abstract Thing TB
        Animate Thing TA
        Material Thing TM
        Personal Thing TP
        Qualitative Thing TY
        Quantitative Thing TQ
        Unspecfied What TU
        Vegetable Thing TV
    When (Noun)
        Time Instance NI
        Date or Day ND
        Event NE
        Hour/Part of Day NH
        Time Interval NT
        Unspecified Time NU
    Where (Noun)
        Circumstance RC
        Place or Location RL
        Unspecified Where RU
    Who (Noun)
        Female Person HF
        Male Person HM
        Person (general) HU
        Proper Name HP