NarraText  - the company  
Who    NarraText is managed and directed by its principle co-founder, Dean H. Nelson
What The name, "NarraText", is an abbreviation of "Narrative Text".
  • NarraText's Mission is to "Tell the Business Story"  that is inherent somewhere  in all unstructured text.
  • NarraText aims to "engineer the best solutions"  based on the underpinning "disciplines" and "theories"  of Linguistics-based Text Analytics, including Domain Pragmatics, Discourse Structure, Semantics, Genre', Syntax, and  Morphology.
  • NarraText strives to collaborate and share insights, theory and methods with academic and technical colleages who are interested in working and sharing in a similar Text Analytics Paradigm and Innovation Framework.
  • NarraText researches and develops prototype Text Analytic software systems
  • NarraText is interested in investors, who want to "commercialize"  the NarraText Text Analytics Paradigm.
  • NarraText's flagship software, InfoMator(tm),  is based on a code-generating prototype architecture (and Work Flow Process), which is (1)   a high-performing, full-function, fully-transparent NLP application prototype, and (2)  a complete software specification.  
  • Area of Application:  NarraText targets all text domains, disciplines, and markets, and regards all text content as coherent streams or bursts of utterances manifest as clauses and sentence fragments ,  which map to event structures, discourse structures, and ultimately to story roles that articulate the "Busness Story"
  • LocationSalt Lake City, UT  USA
  • NarraText was formed in 2011 with a focus on insurance claim notes processing and other types of domain-specific and nuanced unstructured text.
  • NarraText deploys a proprietary Text Analytics Work Flow Process-based software prototype, aka InfoMator(tm), which leverages lexicons, taxonomies, and context vectors, using text markers to that capture patterns (extractions in the language levels of pragmatics,discourse, semantic, genre', syntax, and morphology).
  • NarraText engineers text via theories, methods, and insights of Linguistics  in its Text Analytics approach to communication and language.
  • Narratext parses unstructured text to recover the aspects of Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis, Narrative Analysis, Genre' Analysis,  Semantics, Syntax, and Morphology that are inherent in all text.
Why NarraText knows that:
  1. Humans make sense of the world and form memories based on "stories".
  2. Stories are captured and articulated via human language.
  3. Human language codes messages based on a multi-layer hierarchy of production rules  that are tacitly known and used by an author/reader.
  4. Once the message is explicated -- via an verbal utterance or written text sequence -- those organizational rules can be employed by a hearer/reader to reconstruct  the speaker's message.
  5. Engineered strategies for Natural Language Processing (NLP) can explicitly identify, extract, label, and vectorize the semantic primitives, syntactic roles, thematic roles, constituent types and patterns, story roles, and the story's actor/event-state event (chronological) structure and discourse structure.
  6. The extracted roles and patterns of utterances or sentences can be represented by data vectors that are amenable to formal qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques and machine learning to reveal rich  new informational patterns for making sense of the organization's environment, operations, and history.
  7. All Business Analysts act as narrators  that "Tell the Business Story"