NarraText takes a "knowledge-driven" approach to Text Analytics data extraction from unstructured text in any knowledge domains.
This approach relies on the combination of multitier Taxonomies and Lexicons and on sets of parsing rules which are based on the organizational layers of language production: Domain Pragmatics, Discourse Structure, Semantics, Genre', Syntax, and Morphology.
NarraText's platform is based on aworkflow process that is implemented as a fully functional prototype and on code generation software to increase productivity and performance
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Story and
Narrative Structure

& Architecture
InfoMator and Snipper
  • About Narratext
  • NarraText Unified Story Model
  • Story/Text Structure
  • NarraText Language Patterns Pyramid
  • Story Arc
  • Business Story Structure
  • Story Ontology
  • Narrative Map
  • --- Narrative Story Map
  • --- Narrative Discourse Map
  • Story Extraction Role Chart
  • Story, Story Line, and Scene
  • Taxonomy Architecture
  • NarraText Generic/Global Taxonomy
  • Verb Characteristics
  • Verb Dimensions
  • NarraText Flagship Software: InfoMator
  • Snipper(tm)

  • Contact:  Dean H. Nelson